THURSDAY- May 23rd 2024

On Thursday morning, the Transfapay team proudly displayed their support for Bhantal FC by donning the club’s jerseys. As the main sponsor of Bhantal Football Club, Transfapay is thrilled to be part of this exciting journey, contributing to the team’s success on and off the field.

This gesture of solidarity is a testament to the strong partnership between Transfapay and Bhantal FC, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence and teamwork. The collaboration aims to drive both entities forward, leveraging their strengths to achieve remarkable feats in the football world.

Transfapay encourages everyone to rally behind Bhantal FC, celebrating every victory and supporting the team’s continuous progress. Together, we are forging a path to success, united in our passion for the game and dedication to reaching new heights.

Let’s keep the momentum going and cheer for Bhantal FC as they strive for greatness in the ongoing season.

Bhantal FC Media

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