MAKENI- 22nd May 2024

In a heartwarming display of support, Bhantal FC’s dedicated supporters in Makeni presented a photo frame of the full squad to the team. This touching gesture took place during Bhantal FC’s away match against Kholifa Stars FC at the Wusum Field.

The presentation of the photo frame symbolizes the strong bond and appreciation between the fans and the team. It reflects the unwavering support and pride that Bhantal FC supporters have for their club. The management and players of Bhantal FC expressed their gratitude for this meaningful token, which serves as a reminder of the community’s backing as they continue their journey in the league.

Such acts of solidarity and encouragement are vital in boosting the team’s morale and fostering a sense of unity. Bhantal FC remains committed to delivering their best performance on the field, driven by the loyal support of their fans.

Bhantal FC Media

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