• Abdul Aziz Jalloh

    President / CEO

    PositionPresident Born: October 7, 1988 Joined ClubBhantal FC

    Abdul Aziz Jalloh is the President and CEO of Bhantal FC, guiding the club with visionary leadership and a passion for football. Under his direction, Bhantal FC has rapidly progressed, culminating in their historic promotion to the Sierra Leone Premier League. Jalloh's commitment to nuturing local talent and fostering a strong community connection has been instrumental in the club's success. His strategic insight and dedication continue to drive Bhantal Fc toward a promising future in Sierra Leonean football.

  • Alpha Umaru Barrie


    PositionClub Chairman Born : September 03, 1987 Joined Club: Bhantal FC

    Alpha Umaru Barrie, Chairman of Bhantal FC, is a driving force behind the club's strategic growth and success. With a keen eye for talent and a deep commitment to the team's development, Barrie has played a pivotal role in Bhantal FC's historic promotion to the Sierra Leone Premier League. His leadership and dedication to the club's vision have been crucial in establishing Bhantal FC as a rising powerhouse in Sierra Leonean football. Barrie's unwavering support and guidance continue to inspire both players and fans alike.

  • Arnold Williams


    Position: Vice-Chairman Born : December 9, 1986 Joined Club: Bhantal FC

    Arnold Williams, the Vice-Chairman of Bhantal FC, is a key figure in the club's administration, known for his strategic acumen and commitment to excellence. His efforts have been instrumental in Bhantal FC's rapid ascent and historic promotion to the Sierra Leone Premier League. Williams' leadership, alongside his dedication to fostering talent and ensuring the club's growth, has significantly contributed to the team's success. His role as Vice-Chairman underscores his vital presence in steering Bhantal FC toward a bright and competitive future in Sierra Leonean football.

  • Ibrahim Conteh

    Team Manager

    Position: Team Manager & Club License Officer Born : January 26, 1882 Joined Club: Bhantal FC

    Ibrahim Conteh, the Team Manager and Club License Officer of Bhantal FC, is a pivotal figure in the club's operational and strategic framework. His meticulous management and expertise in club licensing have been crucial to Bhantal FC's seamless progression and compliance with league standards. Conteh's dedication to fostering a professional and disciplined environment has significantly contributed to the team's historic promotion to the Sierra Leone Premier League. His dual role underscores his commitment to both the administrative and competitive success of Bhantal FC, ensuring the club's continued growth and excellence.

  • Mohamed Bailor Jalloh

    Head of Media

    Position: Media & Marketing Officer Born : June 16, 1993 Joined Club: Bhantal FC

    Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, the Head of Media and Marketing at Bhantal FC, is a dynamic and innovative force behind the club's public image and outreach strategies. His expertise in media relations and marketing has significantly enhanced Bhantal FC's visibility and engagement with fans. Jalloh's creative approach and strategic initiatives have played a vital role in promoting the club's brand, contributing to its growing popularity and success. His efforts ensure that Bhantal FC remains at the forefront of Sierra Leonean football, both on and off the field.

  • Osman Bamba

    Head of Safety & Security

    Position: Safety & Security Officer Born : December 25, 1989 Joined Club: Bhantal FC

    Osman Bamba, the Head of Safety & Security at Bhantal FC, is integral to maintaining a secure and orderly environment for the club. With a strong focus on safety protocols and risk management, Bamba ensures the well-being of players, staff, and fans alike. His meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach to security have been essential in creating a safe atmosphere for all club activities. Bamba's dedication to safety and security is a cornerstone of Bhantal FC's operational excellence, supporting the club's ongoing success and stability.

  • Sudie Kelfalla Jalloh


    PositionFinance Officer BornFebrary 02,1991 Joined Club: Bhantal FC

    Sudie Kelfalla Jalloh, the Head of Finance at Bhantal FC, is a cornerstone of the club's financial stability and strategic growth. With expertise in financial management and planning, Jalloh ensures the club's resources are efficiently allocated and managed. Her keen oversight and strategic financial acumen have been instrumental in supporting Bhantal FC's rise to the Sierra Leone Premier League. Jalloh's dedication to financial integrity and sustainability underpins the club's operational success and long-term vision, making her an valuable asset to Bhantal FC.