Freetown- March 16th 2024

Bhantal FC staged an impressive comeback to clinch a crucial victory against East End Lions FC at the SLFA Academy Field in Kingtom. The match, which ended with a scoreline of 2-1 in favor of Bhantal FC, saw Mohamed Bangura and Mohamed A. Kamara as the standout performers for the visiting team.

The match started with East End Lions FC taking the lead in the 59th minute, putting Bhantal FC on the back foot. However, Bhantal FC showed resilience and determination, mounting a strong comeback in the second half.

Mohamed Bangura equalized for Bhantal FC in the 80th minute of the match, displaying his prowess in front of the goal. This equalizer injected new energy into Bhantal FC’s gameplay, setting the stage for an intense finish.

The winning moment came in the dying minutes of the match when Mohamed A. Kamara stepped up and netted the winning goal for Bhantal FC in the 94+ minutes. Kamara’s clinical finish secured three crucial points for his team, solidifying their position in the league standings.

Mohamed A. Kamara was awarded the Man of the Match accolade for his outstanding performance and match-winning goal, marking his 6th such award in the ongoing league. Additionally, Mohamed Bangura’s goal ensured he maintained his status as the highest goal scorer in the league with 9 goals to his name.

The victory sparked celebrations among Bhantal FC players, staff, and supporters, especially against a formidable opponent like East End Lions FC. The win also underlined Bhantal FC’s determination and ability to perform under pressure, making them a force to be reckoned with in the Leone Rock Premier League.

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