Freetown- 22nd March 2024

Bhantal FC’s Head Coach, Abdulai Kaloga Bah, has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to football coaching in Sierra Leone. The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) awarded Coach Bah with a Certificate of Merit for Local Coach Instructor, acknowledging his dedication and expertise in developing football talent at the local level.

This accolade not only honors Coach Bah’s achievements but also reflects Bhantal FC’s commitment to fostering coaching excellence within the club. Alongside Coach Bah, two other Bhantal FC coaches, Ibrahim Soskey Kamara and Baimba Kamara, have also been lauded for their accomplishments. Both coaches successfully completed their Coach License “B” course, showcasing their commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Coach Bah’s leadership and guidance have played a crucial role in Bhantal FC’s success on the field. Under his mentorship, the team has shown remarkable progress, demonstrating strong tactical awareness and technical skills. His expertise as a local coach instructor has not only benefited Bhantal FC but has also contributed to the overall development of football in Sierra Leone.

The entire Bhantal FC community celebrates these achievements and looks forward to continued success under the guidance of Coach Bah and his coaching team. Their dedication and passion for the game serve as an inspiration to aspiring coaches and players, reinforcing Bhantal FC’s position as a powerhouse in Sierra Leonean football.

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