Freetown – 14th March, 2024

In the world of football, success isn’t just about what happens on the pitch; it’s also about the dedicated individuals behind the scenes who work tirelessly to ensure the team’s progress and success. Bhantal FC, in their debut year in the Sierra Leone Premier League, has been propelled forward by a dynamic and committed executive team.

Abdul Haziz Jalloh – CEO:
At the helm of Bhantal FC is Abdul Haziz Jalloh, the Chief Executive Officer. With a vision for success and a keen understanding of the game, Jalloh has steered the club towards greatness.

Umaru Barrie – Club Chairman:
Leading the charge as Club Chairman is Umaru Barrie. His strategic guidance and leadership have been instrumental in shaping Bhantal FC’s journey through the Premier League.

Arnold Williams – Vice-Chairman:
Arnold Williams serves as the Vice-Chairman, bringing a wealth of experience and a strong passion for the sport. His contributions to the club’s operations have been invaluable.

Ibrahim Conteh – Team Manager, FIFA/CAF Club License Officer, FIFA TMS Manager:
Ibrahim Conteh wears multiple hats within Bhantal FC, serving as the Team Manager, FIFA/CAF Club License Officer, and FIFA TMS Manager. His expertise in managing the team, ensuring compliance with football regulations, and overseeing transfers has been crucial to the club’s success.

Mohamed Bailor Jalloh – Head of Media & Marketing:
In the age of digital media and fan engagement, Mohamed Bailor Jalloh takes charge as the Head of Media & Marketing. His innovative strategies have helped to grow the club’s brand and connect with supporters on and off the field.

Together, these individuals form the backbone of Bhantal FC’s operations. Their combined efforts, dedication, and love for the game have propelled the club to new heights in their debut year in the Sierra Leone Premier League. As the team looks towards the future, the leadership of these executives will continue to guide Bhantal FC towards even greater success.

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1 comments on “The Driving Force Behind Bhantal FC’s Success: Meet the Executives

  1. It is not easy to run a football club it only takes a good heart and mind to do such.
    I want to compliment the effort of all executive remembers in and out of the country.
    I’m a die-hearted supporter of Bhantal FC from Waterloo and the owner of Bassa Town Football club Waterloo.
    I’m a professional Blogger that owned Afro Blog a new blogging group.
    As a fan of Bhantal FC Waterloo, my aim is to see a unique and formable supporters base.

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