Freetown- 1st April 2024

In a hard-fought match at the SLFA Academy Field Kingtom, Bhantal FC faced a tough challenge against Old Edwardians FC in the ongoing Leone Rock Premier League 2023/24 season. Despite a spirited effort, Bhantal FC experienced their third loss of the season as Old Edwardians FC secured a 2-0 victory.

The match showcased intense competition and strategic gameplay from both sides. Bhantal FC fought hard throughout the game but was unable to secure the desired result against a resilient Old Edwardians FC team.

Despite the loss, Bhantal FC maintains its 3rd position in the league standings with 37 points. This demonstrates the consistency and competitiveness of the team throughout the season, positioning them as strong contenders in the Leone Rock Premier League.

The defeat serves as a learning experience for Bhantal FC, highlighting areas for improvement as they continue their campaign in the league. The team remains determined and focused on bouncing back stronger in the upcoming fixtures.

Bhantal FC’s supporters and fans continue to show unwavering support for the team, rallying behind them during this challenging phase. The management and coaching staff are committed to analyzing the match performance and making necessary adjustments to ensure a more competitive showing in future matches.

Despite the setback, Bhantal FC remains a formidable force in the Leone Rock Premier League, and their journey in the competition continues with determination and resilience.

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