Freetown – 21st April 2024

In a gesture of goodwill and sportsmanship, Abdul Aziz Jalloh, the CEO of Bhantal FC, recently visited the Hero Soccer Club Academy in Silver Spring, Maryland. The visit followed an invitation from the academy’s ownership, known for nurturing talent in the U8 to U16 categories.

During his visit, Mr. Jalloh engaged in insightful discussions with Coach Osman Bah, a Sierra Leonean based in the USA and the Head Coach of the Academy. Their conversations touched on various aspects of player development, coaching methodologies, and the essence of fostering a strong football culture at the grassroots level.

A highlight of the visit was Mr. Jalloh’s interaction with the young players at the academy. He seized the opportunity to impart words of motivation and wisdom, emphasizing the importance of love and respect for the game. His inspirational message resonated deeply with aspiring footballers, instilling in them a sense of dedication and passion for the sport.

Speaking after the visit, Mr. Jalloh expressed his admiration for the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the young talents at Hero Soccer Club Academy. He reiterated Bhantal FC’s commitment to supporting grassroots football development initiatives and fostering a vibrant footballing culture locally and internationally.

The visit to Hero Soccer Club Academy strengthened ties between Bhantal FC and the academy and served as a testament to Mr. Jalloh’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of football stars.

Bhantal FC Media

April 21, 2024

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