Freetown – 20 Feb 2024

In a remarkable development for both Bhantal FC and the burgeoning career of Mohamed Bangura, the talented striker he made his debut appearance with the National U20 team during an exciting match at the SKD Stadium in Monrovia, Liberia. The highly anticipated fixture, which marked Bangura’s inaugural appearance with the national squad, drew considerable attention from fans and football enthusiasts alike.

Bangura, who currently holds the title of the top goal scorer in the ongoing Leone Rock Premier League 2023/24 season, brought his exceptional skills and determination to the pitch as he represented his country at the U20 level. With his impressive track record and stellar performance for Bhantal FC, Bangura’s inclusion in the national squad was eagerly awaited by supporters.

During the match at the SKD Stadium, Bangura demonstrated his prowess on the field, showcasing his agility, precision, and goal-scoring abilities. Despite the formidable opposition, Bangura’s presence notably impacted the game, contributing to the team’s performance.

The match, which concluded with a 1-1 draw on the second leg of the tournament in Monrovia, provided Bangura with valuable experience and exposure at the national level. While he played for 70 minutes, his contribution to the game was evident, highlighting his potential for further success in his football career.

As Mohamed Bangura embarks on this new chapter in his journey as a footballer, Bhantal FC and its supporters extend their heartfelt congratulations to him on this significant achievement. His debut with the National U20 team underscores his talent, dedication, and commitment to excellence, setting the stage for a promising future in football.

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February 20, 2024

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