Freetown- 4-02-2024

In a significant stride towards enhancing the club’s management capabilities, the Team Manager and CAF/FIFA License Officer for Bhantal FC participated in the CAF Club License & CLOP Experts workshop held at the CAF headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.

The workshop, a crucial platform for fostering expertise in football administration, provided insights into the latest developments and best practices in club licensing. Bhantal FC’s representatives engaged with industry experts exchanged knowledge and embraced the opportunity to contribute to the elevation of football standards in Sierra Leone.

This initiative aligns with Bhantal FC’s commitment to excellence on and off the field, reinforcing the club’s determination to meet and exceed international football standards. The knowledge gained at the workshop will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in furthering Bhantal FC’s success in the Sierra Leone Premier League and beyond.

As the club continues its journey, the enriched expertise from this workshop positions Bhantal FC as a forward-thinking and well-equipped entity in the ever-evolving landscape of football management.

Bhantal FC Media

February 4, 2024

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