In a momentous occasion for Bhantal FC, our esteemed Coach Alie Jaward and talented midfielder Adebayor Black are gearing up to represent Sierra Leone on the international stage. As they embark on their journey, we send them off with the utmost pride, support, and well-wishes. This marks a significant milestone not only for the individuals but also for the entire Bhantal FC community.


Coach Alie Jaward: Guiding with Passion

Coach Alie Jaward, the heartbeat of Bhantal FC, is set to bring his coaching prowess to the international arena. With years of experience nurturing talent within our club, Coach Jaward has played a crucial role in shaping the skill and character of our players. His dedication to the sport and commitment to fostering a winning mentality have been instrumental in Bhantal FC’s success.

As he takes on this new challenge, we have no doubt that Coach Jaward will exemplify the same passion, leadership, and football wisdom that has made him an integral part of Bhantal FC’s journey.

Adebayor Black: Midfield Maestro Takes Flight

Adebayor Black, our dynamic midfielder known for his skillful plays and strategic vision on the field, is all set to showcase his talent on the international platform. His journey from the Bhantal FC midfield to representing Sierra Leone is a testament to the caliber of players that our club nurtures.

Adebayor Black’s ability to control the game, create scoring opportunities, and lead with resilience has been a source of inspiration for Bhantal FC fans. We eagerly anticipate seeing him bring the same magic to the international stage.

Safe Travels, Make Us Proud

As Coach Alie Jaward and Adebayor Black embark on this exciting venture, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a safe and successful journey. May your experience be filled with enriching moments, camaraderie, and, most importantly, the pride of representing Sierra Leone in the world of football.

Bhantal FC stands united, rallying behind our coach and midfielder. We have full confidence that you will make us proud, showcasing the skills and values instilled by our club.


The entire Bhantal FC family eagerly awaits updates from Coach Alie Jaward and Adebayor Black’s international journey. Their representation not only elevates the profile of our club but also inspires aspiring footballers within our community.

Safe travels, Coach Jaward and Adebayor Black! Go, make us proud, and bring the glory of Sierra Leone to new heights. Bhantal FC believes in you, and we eagerly await your triumphant return.

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May 13, 2019

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