Freetown- 13th June 2024

Bhantal FC hosted FC Kallon at the newly inaugurated Approved School Field on Thursday, 13th June 2024, in an exhilarating match that showcased their resilience and determination. The encounter was a significant fixture in the season, and Bhantal FC emerged victorious, securing another 3 points in the second leg of the league.

The match started with intense competition from both sides. FC Kallon opened the scoring in the 46th minute, setting a challenging pace for Bhantal FC. Despite this setback, Bhantal FC remained undeterred and focused on orchestrating a comeback.

Their efforts bore fruit in the 78th minute when they were awarded a penalty. Mohamed Bangura, demonstrating remarkable composure, converted the penalty to level the score. As the match neared its conclusion, Bhantal FC continued to press forward, and their persistence was rewarded in the 93rd minute. Mohamed Bangura, once again, found the back of the net, scoring his second goal of the match and securing a thrilling 2-1 victory for Bhantal FC.

This win not only highlights Bhantal FC’s fighting spirit but also marks Mohamed Bangura’s 12th goal of the season. His outstanding performance earned him the Man of the Match (MOTM) award, a testament to his pivotal role in the team’s success.

With this victory, Bhantal FC continues to make impressive strides in the Sierra Leone Premier League, reflecting their growth and determination. The team and its supporters can take pride in this remarkable achievement, as they look forward to more successful outings in the season ahead.

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